• A detail of the shoulder bag showing the coloured panel and the green button.
  • A close-up detail of the colour panel on the shoulder bag.
  • A blue shoulder bag with green and purple details.

Shoulder Bag


A Practical Shoulder BagA Practical and Useful Shoulder Bag.

Product Description

A patchwork shoulder bag in blue with light green, blue and purple details.  A light green button adds interest and gives sparkle to the design.

Long enough to be worn across the body this roomy bag has a panel  of random pieced foundation blocks.  The inspiration for this bag is a cloth bag that my son’s girlfriend bought in a flea market.  Despite being made of just a single layer of cloth it’s done some pretty hard work and is still in one piece.  Once I had focused on her bag I began to notice that similar bags seemed very popular – especially among the student population.  So this is my take on the piece – lined for extra durability I hope it will appeal to the student in your life.



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