• A detail showing one corner, and two points of the six pointed star on the folded star cushion cover.
  • Shows the finished folded star cushion cover in place on a cushion.
  • The folded star cushion cover. The main colour is red which forms the bacground. the start is formed using a cream colour and the detail is picked out in green and red. Gold details appear on the fabric.

Folded Star Cushion Cover


Folder Star Cushion Cover Christmas Project. Folder Star Quilted Christmas Cushion Cover

Product Description

A brightly coloured Christmas cushion with a star pattern.  The main colour is red  and forms the background.  The details are picked out in cream, gold, green and red.

Transform your cushions for Christmas with slip covers. The covers can then be stored for the rest of the year without taking up too much space.  In this design the points of the star are made using a folded technique for a highly textured effect.


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